The MAM Principle

Parents are demanding. We at MAM are too. That’s why, for over 35 years, we’ve been developing products along with experts from medicine & research that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier.

Studio design and attention to detail.

That the designers of the very first MAM pacifier came from Vienna University of Applied Arts is no accident. For design – andspecifically great design which satisfies both stylistic requirements and functional needs – is the defining aspect of the MAM brand. This is why MAM products are as unique as the little people for whom they're made.

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Medical research and technical innovation.

Every MAM creation has behind it a perfect network of medical and technological expertise. Internationally renowned scientists, medical practitioners, midwives and development psychologists work alongside designers and technology specialists in the MAM studios. Together they design products which support babies in their development in the best way possible. 

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This is what makes MAM products so special.

The combination of style, technological innovation and medical know-how produces unique premium products. This makes MAM the leading designer brand for baby accessories. 

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Because they meet the highest demands of parents.

MAM babies are special. MAM parents are too. They want the best of all baby worlds combined: they want premium design and perfect function. Discerning parents choose to buy a MAM product on more than 40 million occasions around the world every single year. And when they do, they find the perfection they're looking for. 

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And give babies the best start in life.

Whether they're a designer, controller, technician or managing director, all the people at MAM strive to achieve the same aim: they want to provide children with the best possible support in their development and help discerning parents to cater for their baby's everyday needs. 

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