MAM Silk Nipple®

Silky soft silicone

Lots of parents choose silicone. There are good reasons for doing this.

  • the clear material looks hygienic
  • it is odorless and tasteless
  • silicone does not age

There is just one disadvantage: Conventional silicone is slightly tougher than latex. It therefore feels artificial. But babies discover the world with their mouth. How things feel and taste is important to them.

A familiar feeling

The MAM Silk Nipple® boasts all of the advantages of standard silicone and is also extra-soft: the silicone with that certain extra edge! Ensuring that babies can enjoy all the benefits of the material to the full.

The reason for this is a development from the MAM Design Studio: The surface of conventional silicone is made silky soft by employing a special technology. An innovation that babies can feel – all MAM silicone pacifiers, bottles and nipple shields (for short-term support with breastfeeding) are fitted with the MAM Silk Nipple®.

Babies love the Silk Nipple® because it feels soft and familiar – mom's. This makes the switch between breastfeeding and bottle particularly easy. And the little ones can relax right from day one.

Gabriele Stenz, who has been working as a midwife for 25 years and acts as an adviser to MAM, emphasizes: "Thanks to the silky soft surface, babies accept the nipple immediately."

This assessment backs up a study: 200 parents across Europe tested the MAM Silk Nipple®. 90% of them were very much persuaded by its unique quality. Their children accepted the nipple immediately.