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(Artistic) mementoes

Grown again? It's time to move on to the next clothing size! And cute little socks, T-shirts and accessories can be transformed into a decorative object.

In the first few weeks of their lives, babies gain around half a kilo in weight each month and they grow out of their things incredibly fast. But the cutest items don't just have to be consigned to the wardrobe or the second-hand shop – they can offer a real artistic benefit.

Baby trend for "small art" . How baby items can become decorative objects:

  • Use a pacifier as a keyring – this is particularly nice if the keyring has the child's name on it
  • Turn a pacifier into a cool object: mould it in transparent synthetic resin (available in hobby and art shops) 
  • Create a collage of favourite items, frame it and hang it up
  • Take mementoes to an artist, commission a piece of work – experts who are not (yet) famous will do this at very little cost
  • Lucky charm for the car: thread a pair of little baby socks onto a chain and hang it on the rear-view mirror
  • Shoes on the wall: stick to a box and frame or exhibit in a wooden box with a glass lid
  • Upholstery to snuggle up to: sew the baby's favourite T-shirt or little trousers onto a cushion
  • Coffee table installation: side tables with compartments under the glass top are ideal for (various) arrangements of the baby's most delightful things