I am there!

I am your MAM Baby Diary App and with me you can:

  • Record special moments in words and pictures
  • Call up all details on your baby’s development
  • Keep a diary together with your partner
  • Download highlights as a free photo book


I’m there for all the special moments.

First smile, first words, first steps – you can easily record and document all those special moments with the MAM Baby Diary.

I’m there so you always have everything with you.

Breastfeeding, sleeping, size, weight, feeding and lots more, the MAM Baby Diary is a helpful aid that gives you all of your baby's important information in a clear and up-to-date format. This is really useful if you’re visiting the doctor, nursery or childcare.

I’m there on every adventure.

Whether it’s an exciting day at the playground, a boisterous baby party or the first visit to the zoo, your baby has countless adventures ahead of them. You can record the most memorable moments in words and images with the MAM Baby Diary

When I’m there, so is everybody else.

The most delightful moments with your baby are those that can be shared with others. That’s why the MAM Baby Diary easily allows you to link up with family and friends and also communicate via e-mail, Facebook and Instagram.


With the MAM Baby Diary app, you can capture and share special moments, record important developmental stages and always have all the information on your baby's development at your fingertips. You can download your favourite moments and many unforgettable memories as a free photo book or share them with a partner.

How do I set up a profile?

When starting the app, you will be guided through the registration process, where you can set up your profile and your child's or children's profile(s). You can update this data at any time under the "Your child(ren)" menu item and also add further children's profiles.

How many children can I set up in one profile?

You can set up a maximum of three children in your profile.

What exactly is the timeline?

The timeline is used to record everything about your baby. This includes entries on adventures and milestones, as well as records of your baby's data.

Which entries are displayed in the diary?

You can add your child's milestones and adventures to the diary. To do this, click on the plus button and choose an action. With the milestones, you have the option of choosing from several specific milestones, or you can even create your own milestones. Adventures can include all the wonderful and important moments in your child's life. Whether it's a trip to the play park, a visit to the zoo or a family celebration, it's easy to capture all these special occasions. You can attach up to four photos to each milestone or adventure.

Which entries are displayed under "Baby's data"?

Under "Baby's data", you can record useful information on your baby's development, such as measurements/weight, breastfeeding, sleeps etc. and export them if required. To do this, click on the plus button and choose "Record". You can choose from several listed topics or set your own criteria. You can decide which information you would like to record and the MAM Baby Diary ensures that you always have this information at your fingertips in one place.

How do I create a photo book?

Go to the photo book option in the menu. If you have set up several children in your profile, you can either create a photo book for each one or set up a joint album. You can also choose a period of time, a design and a personalised title for the photo book. You can download the photo book as a PDF document, which is then sent to an email address of your choice. You can create an unlimited number of free photo books for you and your family.

I have requested a photo book but have not received an email with the link to download the photo book. What should I do?

The email with the link to your photo book may have ended up in your spam file. This is due to your email provider's spam filter. Set up the sender '' as a safe sender so that you receive photo books easily in the future.

How do I export the recorded data?

Go to the menu and select "Export baby's data". You can filter your data and/or select a period of time. At the end, you receive the selected data by email and can print it and, for example, take it with you to your next appointment with the health visitor.

How does the partner invitation work and what can my partner do in my profile?

You can complete your profile with a partner. To do this, you can invite a partner as part of the registration process or access the invitation process at a later date using the "Partner" section in the menu. You can share your profile with anyone you like. This could, for example, be your spouse but it could also be your baby's granny or granddad. When you have invited someone and they have accepted the invitation, a slide bar appears on the right-hand side of the timeline; you can use this to filter entries made by you and your partner. Each of you has your own profile and can add adventures, milestones and records for you both to treasure. Should you decide you want to close the link to your partner in the app, you can simply delete it under the "Partner" menu item. All entries saved up to this point will be kept in both profiles. Once the link has been deleted, the profiles can continue separately.

What information is there in the "Things to know" section?

MAM would like to support you along the way with interesting information and tips on pregnancy and your time with your baby. You can browse through this area whenever you like and find lots of interesting content regarding your baby's development.

I would like to delete an entry. How do I do this?

If you have made an entry in error and would like to delete it, drag the relevant entry in the timeline to the left. A red field will appear marked 'Delete'. Click on this field and the entry will be deleted.

Is my data secure?

All your data is treated confidentially and is only stored and used for the purposes of the diary.

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