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Breastfeeding products

The four parts of the smart breast pump can be cleaned in next to no time: Simply sterilise the adapter, silicone valve and funnel before each use.
The pump unit is cleaned with warm soapy water – this is sufficient because it does not come into contact with breast milk. MAM recommends that the pump unit is not cleaned in the dishwasher – this could stop it working properly.

The four parts of the breast pump can be assembled in next to no time. The funnel, which can be rotated all the way round, adapts perfectly to any position, soft breast pads ensure maximum comfort and a secure hold. The suction strength can be adjusted to your own individual preference using the adjusting wheel. The Manual Breast Pump thus helps mothers to enjoy breastfeeding.

The expressed milk can be stored for 24 hours in the MAM Anti-Colic – with teat and sealing cap or with the sealing discs – in the fridge (not in the door). This means that the milk is on hand immediately.

In order to store milk for up to three months, the MAM Storage Solution was developed: In the smart cups the milk can be stored hygienically and safely. It can then be frozen and simply defrosted when required.

The MAM Anti-Colic and MAM Storage Solution can be screwed directly onto the Manual Breast Pump – this ensures that every drop of the precious milk is safely captured.

Note the date of expression directly on the MAM Storage Solution – the MAM designers have provided an area for you to do this. This means that the oldest milk can always be used up first.

Frozen milk defrosts easily overnight in the fridge or at room temperature.
To warm it up, the best option is to pour the breast milk into the bottle and simply warm it up in a waterbath or in a baby food warmer. Remove the sealing cap to do this!

Nipple Shields

If baby is not able to drink from the breast, or the breast is very sensitive, MAM Nipple Shields offer gentle protection for sore nipples. They can be used at short notice and in consultation with a breastfeeding consultant.

MAM Nipple Shields are sterilised before they are first used and when necessary. This can be done using boiling water, a steam steriliser or a commercially available sterilising solution.

MAM Nipple Shields come in a smart, sterilisable storage box. They are then stored safely and hygienically at all times.