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As a commercial enterprise it is our aim to work with a focus on profit. This is the only way we can safeguard jobs and continue to subsidise important areas such as research and development. However, we also see it as our social responsibility to make a contribution to society. In addition to our own research work, we therefore also support general research projects, medical studies, trade events, hospitals, parental counselling and numerous children's aid organisations. We are also in constant dialogue with our stakeholders so that we can continuously develop our products.

Constant dialogue with parents

At MAM, we don't do what we do for a 'target group'. We do it for people. For mothers, fathers and all other people in a modern family who care about their children. The experience of having a baby is something special – and that's not just an assumption, we know this for a fact! We know this because we speak to a lot of parents, listen to their needs and receive their feedback on our work.
Between 2009 and 2014 alone, MAM shared its market research on requirements of and opinions on MAM products with more than 35,000 parents worldwide. Product tests, scientific studies, the MAM Club, MAM on social media and the MAM newsletter are further means of exchange with our consumers.
The way in which MAM develops every single one of its products is unique. We have partnerships with more than 20 medical experts worldwide. MAM innovations are therefore the result of international and multidisciplinary teamwork, with contributions from designers, scientists and experts from a wide variety of fields:

  • obstetrics
  • neonatology
  • paediatrics
  • paediatric nursing
  • paediatric dentistry
  • speech therapy
  • parental support
  • developmental education.

Our medical experts

We regularly cooperate with more than 20 medical experts worldwide, including:

Prof. Hans-Peter Bantleon
Head of orthodontics at the Vienna Dental Clinic (Austria)

Prof. Reinhold Kerbl
President of the Austrian Society for Paediatric Medicine, head of the children's department at Leoben State Hospital (Austria)

Arthur J. Nowak, DMD, Professor Emeritus
College of Dentistry, University of Iowa (USA)

Dr. Yvonne Wagner
Specialist for paediatric dentistry, Jena (Germany)
Our experts' inventions
Our expertise is reflected in 28 inventions, protected in 91 patents and 15 industrial designs, and in the protected appearance of 48 product designs in 239 registered designs.
Some examples of patents include:

  • the shape of the MAM Air soother, which allows enough air to pass through to protect babies' skin
  • the thin teat neck made from Dento-Flex® of the MAM Perfect soother protects against malocclusions
  • the bottle base valve of the MAM Anti-Colic bottle makes drinking easy while ensuring no air is swallowed
  • the 100% non-spill valve of the MAM training cup

Global cooperation with medical experts, including:

  • The Finnish sub-group of the 'Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative' uses baby products from MAM.
  • Expectant mothers in the United Arab Emirates receive support from MAM experts on dental hygiene for children from the very start.
  • The South African advisory organisation for parents of premature children is supported by MAM.
  • The MAM office in Chile is an established cooperation partner of the Chilean Midwifery Association.
  • MAM Italy launched a workshop series on pharmacist education and training together with a pharmacist association.
  • MAM supports a project to prevent early childhood caries (ECC) by promoting dental hygiene and care from the very start. To this end, we provide dental care products and informative material and have also taken care of sponsorship and financing since May 2012.
  • A question frequently asked by parents of infants in medical settings concerns dealing with colics and colicky complaints. We therefore commissioned an Austrian study on the reduction of colics in babies. The aim was not to alleviate colics, but to reduce them from the outset.
  • MAM regularly conducts studies on the connection between the shape of soothers and malocclusions.

Our experts also share their valuable knowledge by means of their involvement in international standardisation and regulation processes. As such, they make a significant contribution to the continuous improvement of child safety regulations.

Working together against SIDS

What is SIDS?
Sudden infant death syndrome.

In order to spread research and knowledge about the risk of SIDS, MAM works closely with expert organisations across the globe to explain recommended precautionary measures and consequently reduce the risks as far as possible.

  • in Austria with SIDS Austria
  • in the UK with FSIDS UK
  • in the US with 'First Candle' and the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics)

Our partners and suppliers

Our relationship with our worldwide branches and distribution partners is not based solely on the distribution of products. Rather, we see ourselves as a big family that shares knowledge and encourages exchange.
As well as its plant in Hungary and latex production site in Thailand, MAM has numerous (for the most part long-term) suppliers for materials and logistics. The most important factor in the selection of suppliers is the product quality provided, followed by costs and reliability.
We require the same technical, ecological and social standards of our suppliers as those that we have set ourselves and are guaranteed in our plants.
We therefore have a close relationship with our suppliers that is built on mutual trust and proven reliability.

MAM charity work

It is especially important to MAM to support mothers in need and their children in various projects and to donate materials and equipment to charitable institutions. Some examples include:

MAM initiative for refugees
Refugee aid played a significant role in 2015. Many of those seeking refuge came with their entire family, including many young children. We therefore donated more than 16,000 MAM products ranging from baby bottles to soothers to 30 different organisations.
We launched an equipment donation campaign at our site in Vienna in August. Together, our employees donated two cars full of various relief supplies, including everything required for initial aid: nappies, wet wipes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, sleeping bags, clothes, shoes, toys and much more. Midwife Sarah Klarer worked closely with the refugee centre in Traiskirchen where she handed out donations on site.
MAM employees also supported the refugee initiative 'Train of hope' in 2015. The initiative was awarded the Austrian Human Rights Prize in 2015 and voluntarily coordinates emergency aid for refugees at Vienna Main Train Station. The aim is to provide passengers with food, materials and equipment and information. Over two days, many MAM employees joined the team, handing out materials and equipment, tea, water and coffee, and receiving relief supplies and cooked food.

MAM and the Vienna Midwifery Centre
Expectant mothers, mothers and their partners have received support on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and the first few days with new babies since 1989. Experienced midwives, social workers and doctors provide women with advice in a time of their lives that often throws up many questions and uncertainties.
MAM supports the Midwifery Centre financially and by donating products and providing information materials. The partnership with the Midwifery Centre is, however, much more than a one-sided contribution from MAM. We are happy to receive feedback and input on our products from the experts at the Midwifery Centre.