Information for pregnant women and parents

The corona crisis currently dominates the world. Uncertainty, instability and of course worries suddenly hover over us and influence our everyday life. We at MAM are aware that the many important measures that are now being taken worldwide to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, present a very challenging situation especially for families around the world. And we would like to reassure parents and babies that in these difficult times we more than ever put cohesion, trust and security in the center of our daily work.

Safety with MAM

The top priority for us at all times, but especially in the current situation, is the safety of babies and parents. Our production has reinforced the already strict safety measures and has taken additional hygiene measures with regard to the manufacturing of MAM products. These include daily health checks of our employees, stricter admission regulations to the factory building and an even more frequent disinfection of the machines and changing rooms.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, we recommend establishing a higher than usual hygienic standard for baby products. It is advisable to sterilise bottles, teats and soothers before each use. The best way for sterilising our products is in the microwave, using the self-sterilising function of the MAM Easy StartTM Anti-Colic bottle and of the practical sterilizer box of our soothers. This is fast and uses much less energy compared to boiling. Following this process doesn’t only kill bacteria, but it most probably also reduces or kills viruses like the COVID-19.

All information on cleaning MAM products can be found in our FAQs at