Shaping the future for the babies of today

As a family company, we work for babies and their safe future. For this reason - from the very beginning - working in a sustainable and responsible way has been central to everything we do.

Is there anything more sustainable than working for the future of the next generation and their environment? We work for the wellbeing, safety and health of babies all over the world.

Peter Röhrig

CEO and MAM Founder

Leading the way 

We aim to act accordingly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and therefore brought our existing sustainability strategy into line with them.

We are committed to sustainability  

MAM participates voluntarily in many initiatives and projects that have helped to promote and contribute to sustainability. We are, for example, members of the UN Global Compact, the Austrian CSR Platform respACT and Co-founder of Austria’s leading recycling specialist ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria).

Collaborating with partners

We constantly maintain and improve an active dialogue with our stakeholders – our employees, owners, parents, medical experts, distribution and trading partners as well as our suppliers. We also prefer to only work with people and partners who care about the next generation as much as we do.

We care about babies, parents and sustainable baby products 

Our research and development department works passionately to develop products that protect the health of babies, minimize environmental impact and promote a fair supply chain.

Save energy & CO2 

We care about the environment 

A healthy and sustainable environment is important for our children's future. As a company, we contribute to this by making our production conditions as responsible as possible. This enables us to make a positive contribution to climate protection and to conserving resources.

Sustainable resources and materials

We are deeply committed to ensuring that our chosen materials are safe, of high quality and do not harm the environment. Therefore, we are constantly working on solutions for ecological baby products. Please find more information at MAM Quality & Safety.

We care about our people 

Our corporate culture is characterized by an open and honest approach, equal opportunities and a feel-good atmosphere. At MAM People & Culture you can find out what we do for our employees.

We care about society 

We contribute to society in different ways. Our commitment includes collaborating with over 30 medical experts, promoting research on baby health and supporting socially disadvantaged children and families through worldwide corporate giving programs. 

Some examples of our charity work: