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First Birthday

The first birthday

Has a whole year passed already? A great reason to celebrate! Pay attention to a few things and the party'll be a great success.

Even though the little ones might not yet understand what they're celebrating, they still like a good party. They enjoy the excitement and the great vibe – and particularly the fact that all the attention is on them.

  • The invitation: a blank canvas to be creative on – see also "First announcement". One nice touch is to provide a little photo montage chronicling the first year of the baby's life.
  • The guests: less is more. One rule of thumb for children's birthday parties is that however old the child is, this is how many other children should be at the party. Lots of attention from adults is most welcome – the parents sending out the invitations can decide how many guests to invite here.
  • The catering: a good cake will go down better with the adults than with the one-year-old child – the baby will prefer the food he is used to and able to digest easily.
  • The presents: the child will not yet make the association that birthday = receiving presents. Babies always like suitable toys, but this might be the occasion for presents that the parents will enjoy receiving.
  • The event: there's no need to put on any elaborate entertainment ranging from a buffet to an assortment of games. The baby's very first party works best if all the adults lavish lots of loving attention on the little one.