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A child with star qualities 

When the lion child comes into the world it is the height of summer and the sun shines at its’ brightest. If there was ever a child born for the stage, it is Leo. He loves the lights and applause. A child born under this sign has talent and is happiest when he is center stage. At first, his sweet appearance and childish charm are enough-he uses smiles and winking very early and quite consciously. Later, there are other creative abilities to please an admiring crowd. Whether by drawing, making music, or being an actor, this child knows how to impress others.

You are not alone

With ambition, talent, and a radiant personality your child has all the ingredients for success. Such a richly gifted child may run the risk of becoming too self-involved and forget that others are important too. To keep this from happening, parents must gently bring them back down to earth and the facts of life. Acknowledge your child’s talents and also teach him to appreciate the abilities and achievements of others.

With pointed ambition

A child born under this sign will want very early to make and stand by his own decisions. When this child has true enthusiasm for something, big ambitions follow! Don’t worry; these ambitions are more than just a little brush fire. What the Leo child starts, he also brings to a magnificent end. The investment in a box of paints, ballet shoes, or a piano will pay off in any case. When all is finished, this child needs a big audience and lots of applause.