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Bottles & Cups

Bottles & Cups

Bisphenol A (BPA) is required to produce the plastic polycarbonate. This plastic is used to make among other things food packaging, plastic tableware and baby bottles.

Studies have not yet been completed, but some researchers think that traces of BPA are gradually breaking away from the plastic and getting into the body. This might result in damage to health.

Definitive scientific clarification is still being worked on. But parents are concerned, and a number of countries are already talking about BPA bans.

The combination of medical know-how and innovative design is what makes MAM products unique. As a leading global brand, MAM works together closely with doctors and scientists. This ensures that all MAM products always incorporate the results of the very latest research and meet the highest standards.

All MAM products used to feed babies and small children have been BPA-free for several years now. They are made from the plastic polypropylene (PP), and no BPA is required to produce this. This plastic has undergone rigorous testing: All studies show that the material is harmless and safe.

To give baby a perfect start in life, all new MAM products are made from polypropylene – this is good for the baby and reassuring for the parents.

The MAM bottle is unscrewed and taken apart to make it easier to clean. This makes it easy to rinse the individual parts with water and a mild cleaning agent. All individual parts become hygienically clean in any steriliser. Sterilisation before each use of the bottle is particularly important for newborns.

The body’s defences are already very well developed in a baby who is six months old. At this age, all you need to do is sterilise the bottle and the teat occasionally. If the baby is ill, the bottle should be sterilised again every single day.

Before the bottle is placed in the water bath or the bottle warmer, the sealing cap is always removed. The contents of the bottle must not boil – so do not pour any boiling liquids into it!
Before feeding begins, the bottle should be dried using a clean cloth.

Yes. Simply remove the cap, ring nut and teat and warm up the MAM bottle in the microwave. After heating, stir around so that the heat is evenly distributed. Before baby begins to eat any food, check the temperature and then baby can begin eating.

For hygiene reasons, the teats should be replaced at regular intervals. Simply check the teat each time you are about to use the bottle – especially when baby already has teeth – and replace it when the first signs of damage or weak points become apparent.

Yes, because the innovative protective cap ensures that the liquid remains in the bottle. This means there is no need for any small sealing disc: Simply place the protective cap on the bottle and then you can transport it safely.

Yes, all parts in the MAM bottles are shatterproof.

Six-month-old babies love drinking from a cup. The MAM Learn To Drink range provides them with the ideal support here. This will ensure that baby makes the perfect transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to independent drinking.

No. MAM products do not contain any plasticizers.
MAM only ever uses materials which satisfy the highest demands and safety standards. This means that MAM products guarantee that babies enjoy the best start in life.

Bottle teat

MAM has developed bottle teats in four different sizes. This means that the size of the hole is always perfectly matched to the type of food: The correct flow speed for the food ensures that babies always suck vigorously and thus aids their healthy development.

Four smart sizes for perfect enjoyment while sucking:

Size 1: from birth onwards – for baby’s first food which is particularly free-flowing
Size 2: from 2 months – perfect for the baby who is now slightly better trained
Size 3: from 4 months – baby sucks more vigorously and drinks faster
Size x: from 6 months – the ideal teat for mashed-up food

Bottle teats are simply rinsed with water and mild cleaning agent or cleaned in the upper compartment of the dishwasher.
The teat is sterilised before it is first used and then at regular intervals.

For hygiene reasons, the teats should be replaced at regular intervals. Simply check the teat each time you are about to use the bottle – especially when baby already has teeth – and replace it when the first signs of damage or weak points become apparent.

The smart MAM Silk TeatsMAM Silk Teat are made from ultra-soft silicone. Their surface feels very familiar to babies – as soft as Mummy’s skin. This makes the switch between Mum and MAM easy even for breastfed infants.

MAM Drinking Cups

Yes. Thanks to their patented valve, the MAM drinking cups always remain leaktight when they should. At the same time, babies can drink from them with ease.

However, after drinking a few residual drops may still be left in the drinking straw. If the child shakes the cup forcibly, this small residual amount of liquid may escape – but no more liquid than this will.

Be careful with fizzy drinks: They impair the leakproofness of the cup. Do not pour any hot liquids (over 40°C) into the drinking cup!

All components of the smart Learn to Drink Cups can be cleaned very easily: Either with water, mild cleaning agent and a soft sponge or in the top compartment of the dishwasher. In the dishwasher, the patented valve with the small hole is fixed on one of the bars.

Individual components in the MAM drinking cups can be discoloured by food.

Yes, all MAM drinking cups are made from shatterproof materials.