Oral Care and Teether

The importance of oral care for children

Oral hygiene begins at birth
The teeth are already in place in the alveolar ridge before birth. Once they break through, they are at the mercy of all external influences. The better the inside of the baby’s mouth is cleaned, the more effectively the first teeth are protected from decay (caries).
From a very early age, it is beneficial for babies if some of the loving attention they are given is devoted to the lips and the inside of the mouth. This helps to get baby used to daily dental care.

Most important USPs

The MAM Oral Care Range helps to get baby used to regular oral care, right from the start. 


The MAM Oral Care Rabbit not only helps to remove bacteria, but also to gradually get babies used to a regular brushing routine. Parents can playfully use a finger inside the rabbit’s ears to massage gums.
The Massaging Brush is ideal for the teething phase – its soft bristles and structures are ideal for massaging baby’s gums during the uncomfortable teething phase and for cleaning those precious first teeth.
Once the first teeth have come through, it is time to start with proper dental care. The Training Brush was designed for this first step. Its very small brush head is ideal for brushing baby’s very first teeth and the extra-long handle allows parents and babies to easily hold the brush together. This helps babies learn the correct brushing motions.
As soon as a baby is ready to try independent brushing, the Baby’s Brush with its short and compact handle helps baby to practice brushing independently.

All MAM baby toothbrushes come with a handy safety shield which helps keep brushes at a safe distance from the back of baby’s mouth.

MAM Teether Range

When babies’ teeth are pushing through beneath the surface, it tickles, pinches and itches all at once. That’s why babies like to put things in their mouth and chew on them for relief. MAM works on the development of teethers with developmental pedagogues and paediatricians to offer babies and toddlers the optimal age-appropriate visual stimulation, textures and chewing surfaces.


The MAM Bite and Relax 1 and 2 are especially small and lightweight, making them ideal for use away from home. Their special shapes are designed for the two teething phases – front and back.

The Mini Cooler and Cooler feature a water-filled part that can be cooled in the fridge. In combination with the different structures, this helps soothe teething pain.

The soft bristles of the Bite and Brush help to clean first teeth while chewing.

Teamwork with medical experts for maximum safety

Right from the beginning, MAM products are developed in cooperation with medical experts and research institutes such as ICMRS, paediatricians, child development experts, dentists and midwives. Only after approval by medical experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life. 

BPA/BPS free: All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.