MAM Air Soother

With extra airflow for sensitive skin and parents who aim to catch every smile

Based on the great success of our MAM Original soother and its symmetrical, thin and jaw-friendly teat we developed the MAM Air pacifier shield with additional extra big airholes. It allows you to see your baby´s smile while offering a great relief for sensitive skin.

Orthodontic soother teat

Non-nutritive sucking offers comfort to your baby which is why experts advise the use of soother once breastfeeding is established. A specific concern when it comes to soother use revolves around the thickness and hardness of numerous soother teats, which can exert excessive pressure on the teeth and jaw, affecting your baby’s oral development. The MAM Air soother has a symmetrical, thin and jaw-friendly teat small enough to minimize the impact on your baby’s oral development, while still statisfying your baby’s sucking need.

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MAM Air Night Soother 16+ months, set of 2

Especially skin-friendly and glows in the dark


MAM Air Night Soother 6+ months, set of 2

Especially skin-friendly and glows in the dark


MAM Air soother -  Age ranges

The MAM Air soother comes in 3 different sizes to provide a perfect fit for every age.

How to sterilise a soother?

The MAM Air soother can be easily sterilized in its handy carrier box in a few simple steps. All MAM soother can be disinfected hygienically and quickly in the microwave in an energy-saving process, saving up to 77% of energy and CO².²

Sustainability at MAM


 1 Market Research 2010-2023, tested with 1,588 babies.
² Global Product Carbon Footprint Study, Austria 2017, conducted by denkstatt
³ Based on the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance approach, bio-circular raw materials can be traced back to vegetable oils as well as waste and residues from the production of plant-based oils.