MAM ComfortTM  Soother

A newborn soother with maximum safety and comfort for your baby

Most soothers are made of three components: a silicone or latex teat for baby to suck on, a plastic shield that spans baby’s mouth, and a plastic knob or ring to attach the soother to a clip. However, there are also soothers that are made entirely from one piece of material. In this case, not only is the teat made of silicone or latex, but the shield and knob or ring are as well. These are called one-piece soothers.

As light as a feather – its unique design makes the MAM Comfort 32% lighter* than other one-piece silicone soothers. Thanks to the lightweight design, the soother is easy for baby to keep in the mouth.

The MAM Comfort soother features an extra-small orthodontic teat that was designed specifically for the needs of premature babies and newborns. It ideally supports baby’s natural sucking behaviour from the very beginning. The SkinSoft Silicone Surface provides a familiar feeling for easy acceptance. 

  • Product development with HCPs: The MAM Comfort was developed with leading paediatricians, nurses and speech therapists. Only after approval by medical experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.
  • BPA/BPS free: all MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.
  • Sterilising: The MAM Comfort comes in a convenient steriliser and travel box that can be used as an energy-efficient way to easily disinfect the soother in the microwave. 

MAM Baby honored with the EU Product Safety Award

*Scientific reports from the WILD Hi-Precision Institute (Austria) confirm that the MAM Comfort is on average 32% lighter than other one-piece silicone soothers. Measured results: 10.3 g to 16.6 g