MAM Pacifiers

Advantages of pacifiers – non-nutritive sucking 

Babies are born with a strong natural sucking instinct. In the first year of life, the need to suck is enormous: even though hunger may be satisfied, a baby actively continues to suck as nothing is more relaxing. It’s no wonder that everything within reach is tested for its qualities as something to suck on.
But not everything that a baby is happy to suck on is also a suitable soothing aid. Other than mom’s breast, only pacifiers support healthy development. Those unwilling or unable to always offer their breast to calm a baby are well advised to choose a pacifier. High-quality pacifiers are anatomically correctly shaped and quality checked to ensure that the sucking becomes pure enjoyment!  

Most important Benefits of MAM Pacifiers

  • Like our MAM Pacifier Shields, the flat, symmetrical shape of each of our teats ensures that they always fit correctly in baby’s mouth – no matter how many times they are turned around.

  • Every MAM Pacifier is designed to provide enough room for little noses, so parents can be assured that it’s a perfect fit. 

  • Fresh air for healthy skin – big air holes in the shield guarantee maximum air flow to avoid saliva accumulation and wetness next to baby’s skin. This helps to prevent skin reddening and soreness.

  • A clever curve – the curved shape of MAM Pacifier Shields is adapted to baby’s face shape to ensure optimum comfort. It is flatter for smaller babies and has a stronger curve for older babies whose facial features have become more defined. 

Which pacifier is best for my baby? 

Every baby is unique. To cater to the varying preferences of babies, MAM offers 5 different pacifier lines: 

Product development with Health Care Professionals


MAM pacifiers come in many different trendy colors and motifs. Regular new collections ensure that there is always a perfect match for the latest baby fashion. 

BPA/BPS free: All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.


Silicone is synthetically manufactured, free from allergens and has no taste. The clear material looks hygienic and does not age. Its only disadvantage is that it is a little harder than latex and less bite-resistant. We have developed a unique silicone for our pacifiers: MAM SkinSoft Silicone. This is softer than other types of silicone and feels familiar to babies. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, the pacifier stays easily in baby’s mouth.
Proven effectiveness: market research confirms that 94%* of babies accept the MAM SkinSoft Silicone. (*Market research 2010–2018, tested with 1,383 babies).


MAM pacifiers are supplied in a practical sterilizer box, which can be used for convenient and energy-efficient sterilizing in the microwave.

Self-Sterilizing: Disinfected in 3 minutes – for up to 48 hours
  1. Fill box with water up to the 25ml mark
  2. Place pacifier in the box with the holder
  3. Close box and heat in microwave for 3 minutes at 750-1000 watts



(Global Product Carbon Footprint Study, Austria 2013, conducted by denkstatt.)