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Mini Cooler - Teether

Extra-small cooling parts easily sooth baby’s tender gums

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  • 2+
  • BPA Frei

Extra-small cooling parts easily sooth baby’s tender gums

  • BPA- free teether
  • Uniquely shaped and extra-small cooling parts easily sooth baby’s tender gums
  • Lightweight design and curved handle makes it easy for small babies to hold
  • Varied, structured surfaces give babies a choice of cooling solutions
  • Includes a clip to attach to baby’s clothes to keep teether clean, safe and within reach

° All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Further Product Information
Mini Cooler

Unique shape reaches back teeth perfectly. Cools & calms. Biting structures massage sensitive gums.

Curved shape is easy to grab and hold. Extra light – ideal for small babies. 

Velcro fastener for easy attachment of teether. Firmly clips on clothing – keeps teether always at hand. Ideal for on the go.

Honored with the EU product safety award 2019

Honored with the EU PRODUCT SAFETY AWARD 2019

Your baby means everything to you and that is why we do everything to offer you only extra-safe products. For this reason, many MAM innovations are researched and developed in partnership with medical professionals. In addition, our internal safety standards and testing criteria go well beyond the norms.

These efforts have now been formally recognised by the European Commission, which presented MAM with the prestigious EU PRODUCT SAFETY AWARD 2019. Because for us, there is nothing more worthwhile than supporting the healthy development of babies and making parents’ daily life easier.


Mini Cooler & Clip

Cools and looks cool – the Mini Cooler & Clip

The smart Mini Cooler has a water-filled cooling element that can easily reach the back teeth. Because it is extra-light and curved, babies can easily hold the teether thereby stimulating motor skills.

More information about the MAM Mini Cooler & Clip

Bite & Brush

The Bite & Brush soothes and cleans.

Its soft bristles clean the teeth during chewing and massage babies' sensitive gums for a good feeling. Not to mention, chewing also trains the oral muscles.

More information about the MAM Bite & Brush


The Cooler reaches every tooth.

Its water-filled cooling element is perfectly thought out: It can reach every spot where chewing feels good. The curved shape ensures that it is especially easy for small hands to hold the Cooler. Bright colours and a variety of motifs sharpen the sense of sight.

More information about the MAM Cooler