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Mini Cooler - Teether

Extra-small cooling parts easily sooth baby’s tender gums

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  • 2+
  • BPA Frei

Extra-small cooling parts easily sooth baby’s tender gums

  • BPA- free teether
  • Uniquely shaped and extra-small cooling parts easily sooth baby’s tender gums
  • Lightweight design and curved handle makes it easy for small babies to hold
  • Varied, structured surfaces give babies a choice of cooling solutions
  • Includes a clip to attach to baby’s clothes to keep teether clean, safe and within reach

° All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Further Product Information
Mini Cooler

Unique shape reaches back teeth perfectly. Cools & calms. Biting structures massage sensitive gums.

Curved shape is easy to grab and hold. Extra light – ideal for small babies. 

Velcro fastener for easy attachment of teether. Firmly clips on clothing – keeps teether always at hand. Ideal for on the go.


Mini Cooler & Clip

Cools and looks cool – the Mini Cooler & Clip

The smart Mini Cooler has a water-filled cooling element that can easily reach the back teeth. Because it is extra-light and curved, babies can easily hold the teether thereby stimulating motor skills.

More information about the MAM Mini Cooler & Clip

Bite & Brush

The Bite & Brush soothes and cleans.

Its soft bristles clean the teeth during chewing and massage babies' sensitive gums for a good feeling. Not to mention, chewing also trains the oral muscles.

More information about the MAM Bite & Brush


The Cooler reaches every tooth.

Its water-filled cooling element is perfectly thought out: It can reach every spot where chewing feels good. The curved shape ensures that it is especially easy for small hands to hold the Cooler. Bright colours and a variety of motifs sharpen the sense of sight.

More information about the MAM Cooler