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We love babies
We love babies

Bite & Relax Phase 2

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Bite & Relax Phase 2

Especially for back teeth

  • Age
  • Bpa Free

The mini teether was developed for baby’s second teething phase and is especially designed for back teeth

  • The innovative 3D shape of the Mini Teether trains baby's fine motor skills
  • 4 different surfaces structures and two variable materials gently massage the gums and provide a variety of biting pleasure. Ideal for on-the-go!
  • Supplied in a practical sterilising and transport box

Delivery Time: 14-18 working days

* incl. VAT within the EU plus delivery charges. VAT will be deducted at checkout for deliveries to NON-EU countries. Minimum order value: 19 € – no minimum order value if ordering only personalised products (MAM Individual).

° All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Further Product Information
Bite & Relax Phase 2

Instantly relieve from teething. Gently massage baby’s gums. 

Offer a variety of biting possibilities

3. 3-D SHAPE
Especially designed for back teeth. Trains baby's fine motor skills. Extra light-weight & easy to hold

Scientifically proven

Scientifically proven

MAM Med-Experts: Teamwork for maximum safety Research institutes such as ICMRS, paediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives are developmental pedagogues and midwives are involved in the development of our products from the beginning. Only after an OK from our Med-Experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.

MAM Bite & Relax

The innovative solution for the 2 phases of teething:

Early teething might cause real discomfort. Therefore, together with experienced dentists and paediatricians, MAM designers have developed the innovative Bite & Relax mini teethers.

They are especially adapted to the 2 teething phases of babies:

MAM Bite & Relax Phase 1 is shaped in a way that it easily reaches the emerging front teeth.

MAM Bite & Relax Phase 2 is especially designed for back teeth where it soothes pain instantly.

Extra light-weight and small – ideal for baby’s hands, optimal for on-the-go:

Bite & Relax mini teethers are not only small but light as a feather too. That is why small babies can also hold them especially easily. Moreover the special 3-D shape trains baby’s fine motor skills.
And thanks to their handy form the mini teethers are also ideal for on-the-go!

Maximum biting pleasure thanks to different textures and materials:

4 different biting textures and 2 diverse materials offer a variety in teething. Baby’s gums are massaged gently and teething pain is soothed instantly. This makes Bite & Relax the ideal companion for the dynamics of everyday baby life.

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