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Learn To Drink Cup Valve

1.Shield: Extra small and light – ideal for newborns. Skin-friendly through big air holes and unique MAM dimples on the inside. 2.Button: Quick & easy to grasp. For easy attachment of a soother saver. 3.MAM Design: Symmetric shape, always fits perfectly i
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  • 6+
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Parents can relax while children learn to drink independently.: The MAM Learn To Drink Cup valve stays sealed shut when it is supposed to, but at the same time children can easily learn to drink from it.; Fits on all Learn To Drink Cups

° All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Further Product Information
Learn To Drink Valve

Can be used with all MAM cups.

Easy to use and clean due to the practical design.

The valve tightly seals when it should. At the same time children can drink through it easily. This is why it is patented.