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We love babies
We love babies

MAM Perfect Night 16+

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MAM Perfect Night 16+

Glows in the dark

  • Age
  • Material
  • Bpa Free

Allows babies and parents to find the soother again very easily even at night.

  • The button glows in the dark thanks to light-storing minerals
  • Extra thin and super soft thanks to the unique, symmetrical Dentoflex® teat neck
  • Designed with dentists for a healthy dental development
  • MAM Silk Teat - Silky soft & feels like skin
  • Symmetric shape, always fits perfectly in baby’s mouth.
  • Good for the skin thanks to the large ventilation holes

*On average: 36 – 76% thinner / 2-8 times softer than regular silicone soothers


Delivery Time: 7-18 working days

* incl. VAT within the EU plus delivery charges. VAT will be deducted at the checkout for deliveries to NON-EU countries. Minimum order value: € 19 – no minimum order value if ordering personalised products only (MAM Individual).

° All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Further Product Information
MAM Perfect Night 16+

Curved for maximum comfort; Skin-friendly through big air holes.

Glows in the dark. Quick & easy to grasp. For easy attachment of a soother saver.

Symmetric shape, always fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. Designed with dentists for a healthy dental development.

Silky soft & feels like skin. Extra thin and super soft thanks to the unique, symmetrical Dento-Flex® teat.



Teamwork with medical experts for maximum safety.

Only after approval by medical experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.

MAM Perfect

Why MAM Perfect? Why develop a pacifier with a nipple neck thinner and softer than any other?

Independent scientific and medical research has shown that there is a direct correlation between pacifier usage and baby’s jaw and teeth development.
Right from the start, even before the first teeth become visible, parents should choose a pacifier that supports bite development. The general rule of thumb says: the thinner, softer, and more adaptable the nipple neck is, the better for jaw and teeth.

Medicine, design, high-tech – the MAM innovation

The goal of intense medical and technical research, in cooperation with internationally recognized experts, was to design a pacifier that reduces the risk of misaligned teeth. Thanks to Dento-Flex®, the MAM Perfect’s nipple neck is 60% thinner and 4 times softer* and more adaptable than standard pacifiers! So that nothing gets in the way of healthy dental development.

*On average: 36 -76% thinner / 2 -8 times softer than regular silicone pacifiers

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