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Cutlery Cutlery


  • Spoon & Fork Trainer

    Perfect for little hands to hold

  • Feeding Spoons + Cover, boy

    1.Shield: Extra small and light – ideal for newborns. Skin-friendly through big air holes and unique MAM dimples on the inside. 2.Button: Quick & easy to grasp. For easy attachment of a soother saver. 3.MAM Design: Symmetric shape, always fits perfectly i

  • Baby's Cutlery

    Fully functional learn to eat cutlery

With MAM the transition to solid food is easy. This is because the MAM feeding products are very practical and help both parents and babies to quickly get used to the new type of food.

Dipper Set

  • Ribbed structure - ideal for babies who cannot yet scoop up food on their own
  • Velvety handle surface - perfect for little hands to hold

Feeding Spoons & Cover

  • Heat sensitive tips – change colour if food is too hot

Baby's Cutlery

  • Knife with safe cutting blade, fork with gently pointed tines