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Nipple Shields, size 1

For short-term support during breastfeeding

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  • silicone
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The MAM Nipple Shields offer short-term support during breastfeeding. They make it very easy for babies to drink because they feel so familiar. This is due to their silky smooth surface and natural shape. You're advised to consult a midwife or nursing consultant before you first use them.

  • Two in each pack
  • Supplied in a sterilizing storage box
  • This makes the switch between Mom and MAM particularly easy

° All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS.

Further Product Information
Nipple Shields, size 1

1.SkinSoftTM Silicone

Silky soft & patented silicone surface - for a familiar feeling.


Very thin silicone - for maximum skin contact.


Lets air between baby and nipple shield. Especially gentle on baby’s skin.


Allows baby to feel and smell mom’s skin.



Teamwork with medical experts for maximum safety.

Only after approval by medical experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.

Honored with the EU product safety award 2019

Honored with the EU PRODUCT SAFETY AWARD 2019

Your baby means everything to you and that is why we do everything to offer you only extra-safe products. For this reason, many MAM innovations are researched and developed in partnership with medical professionals. In addition, our internal safety standards and testing criteria go well beyond the norms.

These efforts have now been formally recognised by the European Commission, which presented MAM with the prestigious EU PRODUCT SAFETY AWARD 2019. Because for us, there is nothing more worthwhile than supporting the healthy development of babies and making parents’ daily life easier.