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Baby Massage

Complete relaxation

Looking for greater balance, wellbeing, relaxation? Baby massage allows this and it's enjoyed by young and old alike.

Babies love a gentle touch. This is especially true when the little ones feel uneasy. During their fi rst three months, many children suffer from what is known as infant colic (or “three month colic”). A gentle massage can provide a feeling of calm and ease colic. Starting in their fourth week babies can be massaged daily.

The perfect moment

Baby should be well fed and rested to fully enjoy the massage. About an hour before or after eating or after a bath is an ideal time. Regular massages can ease gas pains and prevent colic.

The road to happiness

Warm hands make for a comfortable massage feeling. After rubbing a few drops of oil in each hand, you're ready to go:

Start with stroking motions from baby’s head to feet. After this gentle beginning, perform the different exercises shown on the reverse side for complete relaxation.

Note! In order to provide babies perfect relaxation, it is recommended to first contact a trained specialist in baby massage (i.e. midwives, paediatric nurses, baby massage practitioners). They can show parents how to perfect every stroke.

All around well-being

  • Complete relaxation begins with a calm atmosphere.
  • Babies feel best with a temperature of 23 to 26°C.
  • Babies are more comfortable lying on a soft, thick pad.
  • Breathe deeply: Parents can also relax during the massage.
  • Vegetable oils, e.g. olive oil, turn the massage into a luxury - avoid using essential oils!
  • Time for two: Parents are involved with the baby and its reactions.
  • Relaxing goes into overtime: After the massage, extend the wellness program with a warm cherry pit pillow, for example. Babies can lay warmly bundled in their parent’s arms. An intimate time for two is guaranteed and colic troubles are soon forgotten

Dream Team against colic: Massage & Yoga

Dos & Don'ts

  • Use natural, pure, perfume-free oils, e.g. sesame oil, jojoba oil or almond oil; warm up slightly before starting the massage
  • Go for symmetry (e.g. massage the left arm four times and the right arm four times)
  • How long to do it for: just a few minutes (up to 15) on infants, 30 to 45 minutes on two-year-olds
  • Do not massage babies who are ill or restless
  • The baby should have been awake for at least a quarter of an hour and should not have drunk anything for an hour.
  • Only relaxed masseurs are good for the baby.

The Internet, DVDs and books contain guides on how to perform baby massage. But after going on a course you are bound to feel more confident with the grips and techniques – and you'll probably have met lots of friendly people too!