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Sleep rituals for babies

Totally relaxed into dreamland

Does your baby not want to go to sleep?
Or only wants to do so when you have entirely different plans?
One thing always helps: Stay relaxed.

Sleep is a natural need which does good and is a real joy – as long as it does not become a burdensome duty. Make sure your baby gets a sense of this too and make the process of going to sleep something you enjoy together!

Sleeping rituals make babies happy – and tired.

Bedtime rituals are not only relaxing, but can also be very valuable to the parent-child relationship. Whether you prefer to end the day with a bath, a story or a song, the main thing is that you stick to a clear ritual that your child can get used to. For inspiration, we have put together a few tried-and-tested rituals for you that you may of course also combine with one another.

  • take a warm bath
  • play a calm game together
  • take baby's favourite soft toys to bed with them
  • talk about the experiences of the day
  • sing a song to baby or sing along with them
  • listen to an audio play together
  • play a musical instrument of your own
  • read a good-night story to your baby
  • stroke or massage
  • wish them good night
  • draw the curtains and switch off / dim the light

Try to stick to your sleeping rituals as much as you can. Even if you are staying away from home, this process can make it much easier for your baby to get to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings.