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Home safety check

Home safety check

Finished with the cot and baby blanket? The baby is becoming mobile and is after new challenges? Make sure that the baby's explorations are above all else: safe.

Whether they're rolling around, sliding, crawling or on all fours, babies on the move like to explore. But almost everything that they find exciting is delicate or dangerous. And needs to be moved out of sight and reach in good time.

The biggest dangers 
The MAM Safety Check draws parents' attention to everything that can become a risk factor for children – right through to poisonous snowdrops in the garden.

Allow the baby to explore 

Despite the need to protect the baby, you shouldn't completely stop his desire to explore and discover new things. The trick is to provide discovery areas which do not present any hazards. 

  • Place indestructible plastic crockery in the bottom drawers which can happily be emptied.
  • In the wardrobe, fill the levels at the height the baby can reach with items in which kids can rummage around without any risk (non-fluffy, no fasteners, no embroidery, etc.)
  • Place glass bottles on the top shelf, replacing them with shatter-proof water bottles within the baby's reach