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Parents are demanding. At MAM, we are too. That’s why, for over 40 years, we’ve been developing baby products that are unique in design and function. Our products are the result of intensive teamwork between experts from medicine, research and technology. This enables MAM products to support the individual development of each child and make everyday life easier for babies and parents. Every MAM innovation follows this principle. So parents can feel confident. And babies feel good.


The corona crisis currently dominates the world. Uncertainty, instability and of course worries suddenly hover over us and influence our everyday life. We at MAM are aware that the many important measures that are now being taken worldwide to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, present a very challenging situation especially for families around the world.

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MAM bottle and MAM soother next to the 2019 Product Safety Award logo

EU prize for product safety

For 25 years, MAM has been committed to developing and improving safety standards at an EU level. Product safety is at the heart of everything we do. In recognition of our efforts, MAM has been awarded the "Product Safety Award" for our exemplary performance!

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Baby aged about 5 months looks curiously at a cuddly toy

Encouraging independence

Babies develop incredibly quickly. You will be amazed how quickly your tiny little baby turns into an independent little child. Enjoy this exciting time and try to be there for your baby as much as you can.

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Someone holds one pink baby sock and one blue baby sock in their hands

Planning for a baby?

If you've listened to young parents talking about all their experiences with their children with a sparkle in their eyes, you will know that children are the greatest gift life can bring.

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Happy father bends over his laughing baby and holds its hands

Complete relaxation

Looking for greater balance, wellbeing, relaxation? Baby massage allows this and it's enjoyed by young and old alike. Babies love a gentle touch. This is especially true when the little ones feel uneasy.

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Illustrated star sign symbols with babies

MAM Baby Horoscope

You of course know best of all what your child needs, but it's still interesting to see what the stars have to say. The MAM Baby Horoscope allows you to discover what effects the constellation of the planets has on the talents, strengths and wishes of your child.

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Baby girl opens a drawer and looks inside curiously

Home safety check

Finished with the cot and baby blanket? The baby is becoming mobile and is after new challenges? Make sure that the baby's explorations are above all else: safe.

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A peacefully sleeping baby

Relaxed into dreamland

Does your baby not want to go to sleep? Or only wants to do so when you have entirely different plans? One thing always helps: Stay relaxed.

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A happy baby girl lies on her back and laughs heartily

Delivery Date Calendar

Are you already pregnant and curious to find out your delivery date ? Enter the date of your last period in the space provided below and the expected due date will be calculated!

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Baby boy sits in a high chair and eats puréed food using the MAM Dipper Set

The first porridge

Around the 5th or 6th month is the time for a smooth transition from “just mum” to more. Along with breastfeeding, the first attempts at supplementary food can now get started.

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