Cleaning & Sterilizing


The closed appliance with water is placed in the microwave. Microwaves allow the water to vaporise. The hot steam sterilizes the products and components in the appliance.

In the MAM Microwave Steam Sterilizer the products can be flexibly arranged on 2 levels and the sterilizer holds up to eg.:

  •          6 MAM Anti Colic 160ml / 5,5 oz bottles or
  •          4 MAM Anti Colic 260ml / 9 oz bottles or
  •          5 MAM Baby Bottles 330ml / 11 oz or
  •          6 MAM Baby Bottles 270ml / 9,5 oz

 incl. additional products like pacifiers.

The microwave steam steriliser is aligned to commercially available microwave appliances. It fits the majority of available microwaves. Should the appliance not fit into the microwave, please check that the lid has „clicked“ into place correctly.

  • Diameter: 11 inch
  • Height: 6,5 Inch
  • Suitable for every wattage

The appliance is suitable for microwaves with wattage 500 to 1850. The sterilization times correspond to the microwave’s wattage; adhere to the given times:

Wattage       Time*Cooling time
650W-1000W11 min3 min
1050W-1800W5 min3 min
1850W5 min3 min

*max. power

  • Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilise. Otherwise deformation of bristles can occur.
  • To ensure hygiene rinse the bottle brush thoroughly after use and let it dry in a well-aired place.
  • For disinfection wash with detergent and warm water. Can be placed in a dishwasher at low temperatures (~ 60°C). Do not rest the bottle brush directly on the soft bristles in the dishwasher. Place the bottle brush in the cutlery rack, bristles up for dishwashing.