From around 6 months old is the time to make the gentle transition from 'Mommy only' to more. Children usually indicate themselves when they are ready for solid food. Food is spat out less often, they are able to hold their head up and sit upright pretty well on their own and their level of interest in what grown-ups are eating increases. The first attempts at giving solid food in addition to breast-feeding or bottle-feeding can now be made.

No. MAM products do not contain any plasticisers.

MAM only ever uses materials which meet the highest requirements and safety standards. This means that MAM products guarantee that babies enjoy the best start in life.

Yes, the entire MAM feeding range is made from shatterproof materials.

All MAM feeding cutlery and feeding bowl products can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The MAM feeding range is made from high-quality, durable materials. However, before the products are used, they should be examined for any signs of wear and replaced if necessary – for the baby's safety.

All products in the MAM feeding range may only ever be sterilized using the cold-water method and not with boiling water or hot steam.