MAM Comfort Pacifier

Pure silicone pacifier, especially soft for newborns & babies

Parents want to keep their newborns and babies safe and comfortable every step along the way. That’s why we developed the MAM Comfort pacifier for 7 years in collaboration with leading paediatricians, nurses and speech therapists to support the needs of newborns and babies.

MAM Comfort Pacifier benefits

Benefits of full silicone pacifiers

  1. Safe and non-toxic: We use 100% quality silicone², which is a safe and non-toxic material that is free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and PVC. 
  2. Durable: Silicone is a durable material that can withstand repeated use and cleaning. 
  3. Easy to clean: Silicone is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and sanitize to ensure they are free from germs and bacteria.
  4. No risk of latex allergy: Some babies may be allergic to latex. Full silicone pacifiers are a great alternative for parents who want to avoid the risk of a latex allergy.

MAM Comfort Pacifier – Age Ranges

MAM Comfort pacifiers come in 2 different sizes – the perfect choice for every baby age.

Easy sterilizing 

The MAM Comfort pacifier comes in a convenient sterilizer and transport box made with bio-renewable materials that can be used as an energy-efficient way to easily disinfect the pacifier in the microwave by saving up to 77% of energy and CO².³

Disinfected in 3 minutes – for up to 48 hours

  1.  Fill box with water to the 25ml mark.
  2.  Place pacifier in the box with the holder.
  3.  Close box and heat in microwave for 3 minutes at 750-1000 watts.


1) Our type of high quality Silicone was tested on the final product and it is safe for babies

2) Scientific reports from the WILD Hi-Precision Institute (Austria) confirm that the MAM Comfort is 36 % lighter than the average weight of all other tested one-piece silicone soothers. Measured weight results: 8,2 g – 18,6 g

3) Global product Carbon Footprint study, Austria 2017, conducted by denkstatt.