Product Description
  • Available with MAM SkinSoftTM Silicone – for easy acceptance
  • Good for the skin thanks to air holes
  • Ideal for baby's jaw
  • Supplied in a practical sterilising and transport box
  • Packaged in a practical gift box
  • Soothes & comforts the baby
  • In this box 3 MAM Original pacifiers and 1 MAM Clip can have the baby's name or sayings added to them


Extra air flow. Especially skin-friendly, less skin reddening. Easy to see Baby’s smile.

Quick & easy to grasp. For easy attachment of a soother saver.

Symmetric shape, always fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. Designed with dentists for a healthy dental development.

MAM innovation. Silky soft & feels like skin.


Fits button pacifiers and pacifiers with handle

Sliding mechanism for one handed operation, quick & easy fastening thanks to the wide opening

Flexible attachment of soothers, teethers and other accessories

Quality & Safety
All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS

All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS

For babies from 0 months

For babies from 0 months

This product comes in a sterilizing & carry box - for convenient and time-saving sterilizing in the microwave

This product comes in a sterilizing & carry box - for convenient and time-saving sterilizing in the microwave

 94% nipple acceptance: easily accepted by babies, for a familiar feeling

94% nipple acceptance: easily accepted by babies, for a familiar feeling

*Market research 2010-2019, tested with 1,463 babies.

Awards & Certificates


Teamwork with medical experts for maximum safety.
Only after approval by medical experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.


Your baby means everything to you and that is why we do everything to offer you only extra-safe products. For this reason, many MAM innovations are researched and developed in partnership with medical professionals. In addition, our internal safety standards and testing criteria go well beyond the norms.
These efforts have now been formally recognised by the European Commission, which presented MAM with the prestigious EU PRODUCT SAFETY AWARD 2019. Because for us, there is nothing more worthwhile than supporting the healthy development of babies and making parents’ daily life easier.

Before first use, and at regular intervals thereafter, boil the pacifier in water for up to five minutes.

Please avoid leaving the pacifier in the sterilising solution for longer than the time recommended. Sometimes water may enter the inside of the nipple, this is because of a ventilation systems that exists in the nipple.

When the baby closes down on the nipple, the air from inside the nipple is pushed out through the ventilation system thereby flattening the nipple and adapting to the baby´s individual oral cavity. So, the ventilation hole is needed in order to allow for proper development of your baby's jaw and mouth.

Make sure you detach the silicone ring and plastic clip from the pacifier keeper leash as they do lose their shape in boiling water and sterilisers. Once these spare parts have been removed, you can throw the leash in the wash, or hand-wash them. The plastic clip and silicone ring can be hand washed with soap and water.

MAM has developed an innovative silicone nipple: the SkinSoft™ nipple. The silicone nipple is silicone with a difference as it is soft and feels like mom's breast. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, the soother easily stays in baby's mouth.

Yes, our MAM pacifiers support baby’s healthy jaw and teeth development. MAM collaborates with medical experts from various disciplines to help develop and design innovative, physiologically shaped pacifiers that suit baby’s various developmental stages. All MAM pacifiers have a flat and symmetrical nipple shape: there is no ‘top’ or ‘bottom’. This special nipple shape ensures that our pacifiers are always correctly positioned in the babies’ mouth. MAM pacifiers have a ventilation system in the teat. In more detail, when your baby closes its mouth down on the teat, the air from inside the nipple is pushed out through the ventilation system, thereby flattening the nipple, and adapting to the baby´s individual oral cavity.

Babies are born with the natural urge to suck. Pacifiers with a symmetrical, thin and jaw-friendly teat , if no longer used by the child’s 3rd birthday, support a healthy development. When the child wants to sleep, needs comforting or wants to relax, he or she will be happy about having a pacifier.

You can choose refrain soother usage when the baby is playing as the baby is already distracted, and most likely, relaxed by interaction of toys. Many paediatric dentists and other medical experts do recommend the use of pacifiers because it is much easier to wean a baby off of pacifiers than it is to wean off of thumb-sucking.

Yes. MAM designers have developed a clip that meets all safety standards requirements and at the same time also looks stylish.

The length of the leash on all MAM Clips is within regulation and strangulation dangers are virtually impossible. The leash should NEVER be lengthened or fastened to lose parts and strings! Check the leash for damage before use and always clip on firmly!

The clip can also be used for other pacifiers. Although the innovative silicone ring on the MAM clip was designed to snuggly fit the knob on all MAM pacifiers, MAM pacifier clip can be attached to pacifiers with rings, as well.

Latex is a soft, resilient, natural rubber. It is eco-friendly and much more flexible than silicone. However, after prolonged use, the material can change. If latex is stored in a hot area of your home, or is in contact with sunlight for an extended period of time, its shape can change and is then stripped from its qualities. Furthermore, because it is a natural material, the latex can become sticky and begin to look unhygienic. There is no clear scientific evidence for a connection between latex teats and latex allergy. If you are a parent who wishes to avoid using latex, you can simply do so by using a soother with a silicone teat.

Silicone is an intensively tested, well-tolerated plastic that does not age. It complies with all the applicable requirements of FDA and EN 1400, however, is not as bite resistant and a little less elastic than latex. Consequently, we recommend you thoroughly inspect a soother before each time baby uses it, especially if baby is teething and uses a silicone pacifier.

Check the pacifier before each use - especially when baby is teething - and throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. However, we recommend the soother be replaced every two months for hygienic purposes.