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Preemies: Pacifier ideal for the needs of premature babies

 Preemie Sizes

To stimulate the sucking action of babies born prematurely, MAM has developed a pacifier which meets the special needs of premature babies: the MAM Preemie – available in three sizes.

While the MAM Preemie stimulates sucking which is independent of eating, it allows a correct jaw position to be maintained and guarantees the healthy development of the baby.

  • Preemie Size 1 (for a weight of less than 1,200 grams)
  • Preemie Size 2 (for a weight of between 1,000 and 1,800 grams) were designed specially for premature babies with a low weight at birth.

Please note that Preemie Sizes 1 and 2 are intended only for hospital use under supervision of health care professionals. Therefore they can only be ordered by clinics.

  • Preemie Size 3 was developed for use at home.                        

This size is designed to cater for the needs of children weighing between 1,600 and 2,500 grams.

MAM Preemie Transition Set: ideal for aiding baby’s transition to a regular pacifier

Contents of MAM Preemie Transition Set:

  • 2 MAM Preemie Size 3
  • 2 MAM Start

Available in the following colours:

  • Quarz Rosé  - Set Girl
  • Arctic Blue - Set Boy

for € 14,-, incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs (no minimum order value)

MAM Preemie 3 - Set Girl      MAM Start


MAM Preemie 3 - Set Boy      MAM Start



This is how easy it is to order the MAM Preemie Transition Set

1) Order
Send order form and declaration of consent completed in full and signed to consumer-service(at) or by FAX to +43 1 49141-404. 

2) Order confirmation
If all of the details are complete, the order will be confirmed by e-mail or fax.

3)  Dispatch
The Preemie Transition Set will be dispatched within a week after the order confirmation. If there are any delays, you will be notified in good time. The invoice and payment slip will be enclosed with the delivery.

In case of online bankingplease quote your name and invoice number as the reference.

Bank Austria

Account Number: 255 106 002/00; Sort Code: 12000.
IBAN: AT671200025510600200

4) Questions?
If you have any questions about your order, please contact consumer-service(at)

5) T+Cs
The General Terms and Conditions of Business for MAM Preemies apply.

The MAM soother supports babies responsibly through every single day. It's always the perfect fit and it helps babies to relax.
To meet the highest standards, the soothers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists. MAM designers have designed soothers in differet sizes, ensuring a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to the smart design, the soother always sits in the mouth perfectly. MAM soothers are anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development.
MAM SkinSoftTM: Silicone with a difference – no other silicone feels softer. And because it won't slip, the pacifier stays in the mouth with no effort at all.
MAM Natural Latex: Grown and harvested under ecological conditions, the natural latex milk is processed fresh, on-site, to become first class latex. This is pure MAM quality.