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Pacifiers Pacifiers

0-6 Months

Babies can relax in comfort and style because MAM pacifiers are created by designers and developed together with dentists and orthodontists.

MAM Original 

  • Designed to keep baby calm and promote proper oral development
  • Innovative Shield
  • Soft Silicone
  • Orthodontic
  • Numerous designs to choose from

MAM Night 

  • Button glows in the dark - parent and child can find it easily at night

MAM Perfect

  • Designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth
  • Thanks to Dento-Flex® the nipple neck is 60% thinner and the nipple is 4 times softer*

* On average 36-76% thinner / 2-8 times softer than regular silicone pacifiers

MAM Mini Air

  • Designed for sensitive skin.
  • Open shield allows maximum air flow for baby's skin.