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Playful learning

Playfully nurture all the senses

Learn how to play, right from the start! The new trend is for development toys.

Babies are naturally inquisitive. They like to feel around, grab and taste things and they're always on the lookout for new impressions. They should be assisted here, with the right toy.

Exciting toys you can make yourself 

New surfaces, exciting shapes, objects on the move, experimenting with loud and quiet, light and heavy: Ideal toys with these qualities don't have to be bought; you can make them very easily yourself at home. 

  • Fill PET bottles with beans, sand, rice or similar items: they'll make exciting noises and can be rolled around
  • Provide different surfaces: assemble large cubes with soft, rough and smooth sides
  • Collect everyday objects: a solid ball of material, an elastic bath sponge, a light comb, a smooth block of wood, a cool tin, a warm cushion, a rough brush …
  • Cloths can be used to conceal things, make knots, blow in the wind – with a bit of practice they can in no time be turned into a doll
  • Balls: various sizes, different feels and dynamics plus a range of colours make them exciting

Safety tip: When a child is playing, they should always be supervised by an adult nearby.