Baby Bottles



MAM Baby bottles make it easy to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Learn more about this here.

Feel Good 170ml Forest - Glass Baby Bottle
Premium Glass Bottle - with matt finish

Teat X - for Baby Bottles
Easily accepted by babies

Easy Start™ Anti-Colic Valve Set
For all MAM Anti-Colic bottles

Teat 3 - for Baby Bottles
Easily accepted by babies


MAM Baby Bottles and Anti-Colic bottles

Easy Start™ MAM Anti-Colic 5oz / 9oz

  • Scientifically proven: 80 % less colic* 
  • Patented vented base ensures even milk flow so that babies do not swallow air that may cause gas, colic or burps
  • Ultra soft silicone nipple feels soft and familiar like mom
  • Comes with a size one, slow flow nipple
  • Self-sterilizing in the microwave

*Medical study 2011 / Market research 2010, tested with 204 mothers.

Easy Active MAM Baby Bottle 9oz / 11oz

  • The 9 oz. comes with a size two, medium flow nipple
  • The 11 oz. comes with a size three, fast flow nipple
  • Wide opening for easy filling & cleaning
  • Easy for baby to hold

Both the Anti-Colic and Baby Bottle are BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free and CPSIA compliant.