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For premature and newborn babies

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Hospital Pacifiers

Approximately 10 % of all babies are born prematurely in modern industrial countries.1 Scientific research has shown that sucking on a pacifier can support babies’ development and well-being.2 In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends the use of a pacifier to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

MAM Comfort - Hospital Pacifier

0+ months

The Comfort™ is a 100% silicone, one-piece pacifier which is especially designed for newborns weighing 1,400-6,500g. It is 36% lighter* than competitive silicone pacifiers allowing the pacifier to stay in the baby's mouth more easily.

*Scientific reports from the WILD Hi-Precision Institute (Austria) confirm that the MAM Comfort is 36 % lighter than the average weight of all other tested one-piece silicone soothers. Measured weight results: 8.2 g – 18.6 g

MAM Preemie 1 & 2

Their small shield design leaves space for breathing masks and other medical devices and the lightweight nature and small size ensures baby's lip and tongue muscles are not overworked.  

The WILD Hi-Precision Institute (Austria) tested and assessed one-piece full silicone soothers for premature babies, and the MAM Preemies were by far the lightest soothers in their category. On average, they are 73,9 %* lighter than other one-piece full silicone soothers for premature babies. The low weight eases the burden of holding the soother in mouth.

*Scientific reports from the WILD Hi-Precision Institute (Austria) confirm that the MAM Preemies are on average 73,9% lighter than other one-piece full silicone soothers for premature babies. Measured results: 1,61 g – 11,16 g

Please note:

Read WARNINGS and Instructions for use (also enclosed in every outer box) as well as the  Product Training Sheet. MAM Preemies are medical devices (CE) for premature babies and they are only suitable for hospital use. They are intended to compensate for the sucking and swallowing weaknesses in premature babies. 

MAM Preemies do not meet the safety standards which are applied to normal soothers namely EN 1400 and 16 CFR 1511. The product poses a choking hazard. Therefore, MAM Preemies must only be used under medical supervision. 

Parents must never be allowed to take the product home. Only use for one baby. 

Autoclavable from 121°C/250°F - 134°C/273°F, for 15 (min.) to 18 (max.) minutes (max. 20 times). Follow instructions for use and on how to clean. Please give us your feedback on our product (product improvements, complaints, experience, etc.). For complaints, please return the product to us and enclose the date of purchase, the LOT-Number (printed on packaging, if available), pictures and a detailed description of the issue. 

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Baby Bottles

To perfectly support the individual development of babies, medical experts and designers have developed MAM bottles to meet the needs of both children and parents. Babies learn the transition from breastfeeding to drinking from a cup step by step.

Nipple Shields

MAM nipple shields provide protection for mom's sore nipples during breastfeeding. Nipple Shields have a very thin natural SkinSoft™ Silicone surface which allows for maximum skin contact and are available in three sizes.

17mm Nipple Shields - 2pk


23mm Nipple Shields - 2pk



The MAM Nipple with SkinSoft™ silicone surface makes drinking from a bottle so familiar for babies and the flat shape fits perfectly in babies mouth making the switch between breast and bottle easy.
Additionally, our nipples fit all MAM Bottles and the Trainer+. 

 Baby approved: 94% of babies accept the MAM Nipple with SkinSoft™ surface.*
 (*Market research 2010-2020, tested with 1,572 babies.)

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1WHO The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth (2012) 

2Sehgal S.K., Prakash O., Gupta A., Mohan M., Anand N.K., Evaluation of benefi cial effects of nonnutritive sucking in preterm infants. Indian Pediatr 1990; 27(3):263–266.