We keep reinventing what's best for babies.

Above all else, MAM baby products must be one thing: safe. Is it possible to maintain this high quality and still use more sustainable materials? Yes - thanks to our unending passion for research and development.

In 2022, we launched the MAM Original Pure – our first pacifier made with polypropylene traceable to bio-circular raw materials*. Sustainable packaging is just as important to us. We have already taken some important steps with our SUPA Project (SUstainable PAckaging). None of this prevents us from meeting, and exceeding, safety standards. At MAM, we set particularly strict standards for ourselves and are constantly working on innovative solutions: Inventive at heart.

Pacifier 2.0. We are rethinking materials

New Materials

Our progress

  • First MAM pacifier made with polypropylene linked to bio-circular feedstocks* brought to market.
  • Exclusive material: MAM SkinSoftTM Silicone, developed in close cooperation with experts for MAM bottle and pacifier teats. This silicone feels softer than other silicones.

* Bio-circular raw materials can be traced back to previously used vegetable oils as well as waste and residues from vegetable oil production through the ISCC PLUS certified mass balance method.

Sustainable Packaging

Our progress

  • Sustainable packaging: By 2025, all packaging solutions will be made from either recycled, renewable or responsible materials (currently 76% achieved).
  • Recycled PET (rPET): By 2022, 78% rPET was being used in blister packaging. rPET is a food-grade raw material consisting mainly of used PET bottles. 
  • 98% of our paper-based packaging is FSC certified.

Norms and Standards

Our progress:

  • About 3,000 tests are performed on 30,000 products by external agencies every year. Thanks to our high quality, we can be especially proud of our low rate of complaints (12 complaints per million products). 
  • Product Awards: MAM products have won many awards during the reporting period, with the Easy-Start Anti-Colic baby bottle being named best baby bottle at the UK's Made for Mum Awards.

MAM Sustainability Report


Download the full report.