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MAM Breast Pumps 


Mother’s milk is best for babies and builds a strong mother-baby bond. MAM supports mums while they are breastfeeding. Together with healthcare professionals, lactation consultants and experienced parents, MAM has developed the perfect product range for breastfeeding: which includes a selection of breast pumps and supporting accessories like breast pads, nipple shields and storage pots which attach directly to all MAM pumps. In this way, we help mothers achieve a natural and independent lifestyle. Our products also often help overcome anxieties that some mothers have about not being able to breastfeed effectively. The WHO recommends a breastfeeding period of at least 6 and up to 24 months.


Expressing milk can help relieve sore nipples, blocked milk ducts or mastitis and enables an easy recovery break from breastfeeding if needed. It can allow mothers the time to return to work and enables baby to continue to receive breastmilk. Both electric and manual breast pumps help to stimulate milk production and build up a good supply. This gives other family members the opportunity to feed baby with healthy breast milk.


Our breast pumps provide numerous useful features to suit different situations and needs. The many special features have all been developed with midwives and lactation specialists to offer not only the best quality but also the best product for mothers who want to express milk.

 MAM Breast Pumps are compatible with all MAM Easy StartTM Anti-Colic Bottles and the MAM Milk Storage Solution.

Overview of MAM breast-feeding products


The MAM Manual Breast Pump allows you to quickly express milk to relieve pressure on full breasts, trigger milk let-down or to express a small amount of milk to add to food when weaning. Thanks to its low weight and unobtrusive design, it is also ideal for discreetly expressing milk when you are away from home.


The funnel can be used with a silicone insert for more comfort or without the insert for increased pumping efficiency. The silicone cushion is removable.



The handle is ergonomically shaped. It is easy to operate and requires little effort for effective pumping.


The 2in1 Single Breast Pump can be used both manually and electrically. Switching from manual to electric mode is very easy and can be achieved in just two simple steps. It is especially practical for first-time mothers who are unsure whether they prefer electric or manual pumping.


The lightweight display unit shows time of pumping, battery level, selected mode and vacuum strength.



The Breast Pump offers smooth and comfortable two-phase expression, which includes both stimulation and expression modes. The vacuum intensity can be individually adjusted in each mode. For maximum comfort and efficiency, you can choose between 9 stimulation and 9 expressing levels.



Up to 5 hours of battery power without needing to recharge – this level of performance is unique in the breast pump product segment.

  • 94% of users would recommend the breast pump to other parents
  • 93% of users are very satisfied or satisfied with the MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump

(Market research study with 65 participants, conducted in UK 2018)


The 2in1 Double Breast Pump is especially suitable for mothers who need to go back to work soon after giving birth and still want to provide their baby with breast milk over a longer period of time. 


Pumping intensity can be set individually for each breast with a choice of 9 different levels in stimulation and expression modes. The pump offers three different settings to express milk: ‘dual mode’, ‘alternate mode’ and ‘left or right mode’.



The display unit has a timer to track the duration of expressing milk.



Up to 5 hours of battery power without needing to recharge – this level of performance is unique in the electric breast pump product segment.

BPA / BPS FREE All parts of MAM products that come into contact with breast milk are made from materials that are free of BPA and BPS.


Market research:

The MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump was tested in an online research community study in the US. The study involved 123 mothers over a period of 5 weeks:


  • The results of the study showed that 9 out of 10 mothers were satisfied with the MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump.
  • 94% of mothers stated that the product is ideal for use away from home.
  • 95% liked the fact that it combines multiple functions – manual and electric pump – in one device.
  • According to the participants, the product benefits are clear: Mothers enjoy having a rechargeable battery, being independent from plugs and cables, and the variety of settings that enable easy individualisation (different suction levels for left and right, different modes).