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Pregnancy weeks

Pregnancy Week 10

Goodbye Webbed Hands and Feet!

Until now, your baby has had webbing between its fingers and toes – but it is now starting to disappear. Read on to find out what else is happening with you and your baby in week 10 of pregnancy.

What's Going On in Your Belly Right Now?

Your baby now looks a bit less like an alien and more like a tiny human. You can now identify the nose and lips in an ultrasound image. Because the fetus develops from top to bottom, the hands are now slightly more developed than the feet.

Fetal development that has taken place by the 10th week:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Nose
  • Arms with elbows
  • Legs with knees
  • Mouth that moves
  • Hands with fingers
  • Feet with toes

Your baby is now about the size of a small strawberry.

Your baby is now about the size of a small strawberry

Irrespective of its size, your little one is now growing fast. The milk teeth have formed and can just been seen. Development of the taste buds has also started. In baby boys, testosterone production is beginning in the testes.

The phase during which severe malformations can occur is now coming to an end. Pathogens, chemicals, drugs, and other negative influences from outside can of course still harm the baby and lead to developmental disorders, but the basic external physical structures are essentially in place. 

The fetus is around 1 inch long and weighs roughly 0.4 ounces! 

How Do You Feel at 10 Weeks Pregnant?

The hormonal changes and adjustments to the metabolism and circulatory system may cause some common pregnancy-related problems: complaints such as nausea, dizziness, and fatigue are very common at this stage.

The skin is also affected by the change in hormones. However, the results of this vary greatly. Some pregnant women are delighted with their radiant, smooth, and rosy complexion – while others battle with spots reminiscent of puberty. Seeking advice from a specialist on skincare or a visit to a beautician can help you find the right products for your "new" skin type, although it is important to always check the ingredients to avoid harming the baby.

Can a baby bump appear as early as the 10th week of pregnancy?

If you are expecting your first baby, it is unlikely that you will have a baby bump just yet (mothers with more than one child may be showing a little). However, the progesterone may cause constipation and bloating, and the bloated belly may well look like a six-month pregnancy. Since the pelvis has also started expanding, some expectant mothers find maternity pants to be more comfortable at this point.

Pains such as pinching, pulling, twinging, or pressure in the abdomen are usually attributable to this expansion of the pelvis and the round ligaments that hold the uterus in its place. They extend to the labia and are connected to the pelvis and sacrum.

Because the uterus is now growing pretty rapidly, the ligaments have more to hold and may therefore be sore. A sudden sneeze or cough may be particularly painful. If you experience bleeding or have any concerns due to pain, do not hesitate to contact your physician.

What can help with uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms?

Walking and other gentle exercise, such as yoga and swimming, may help with constipation and also promote general physical wellbeing. It is advisable to ask your gynecologist which forms of exercise you can practice safely. Sufficient sleep and fluids can also reduce dizziness and fatigue. 

Why should expectant mothers visit the dentist?

Progesterone increases blood flow to the gums, which can cause swelling and bleeding gums, and can also make your teeth more susceptible to bacteria that cause decay. Saliva also changes during pregnancy, which can also lead to tooth decay. A visit to the dentist and practicing good oral hygiene can prevent problems from developing in the future. It is best to seek advice from professionals regarding dental care.

One more tip:

If your pregnancy has been confirmed by your doctor and you have an antenatal care record, you should always carry this with you from now on. It contains information about you and your baby that is important to have in the event of an emergency, in order to ensure doctors can assist you properly.

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