Caution for my world of adventure 


Feeling wind on your skin, hearing birds chirping, seeing and smelling colorful flowers, making castles in the sand: Experiences that toddlers have in nature, help to develop their senses and are an important impulse for their holistic and healthy development.

Dr. Duan Tao

Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology

All of the senses are basically functional in a healthy newborn. They can see, hear, taste and smell. They feel when they are touched, held or moved. However, the sense of sight is the least developed sense in humans after birth. The reason is probably that it cannot develop in the darkness of the womb. That’s why our MAM experts says that vision is not innate, but must be learned. How fast learning to see progresses also depends on the support of the parents. The more extensive and targeted the visual stimuli are for the child, the more sharpened the sense of sight will be. And the great outdoors offers a true paradise for baby eyes.