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Professionals work at MAM. However, beyond all skills and specialist knowledge it is the person performing the job who is especially important to us. We do not see ourselves as merely an employer, but also as a supporter of our employees, with the aim of creating the best possible working environment and thereby allowing the best possible work to be produced.

Our shared aim worldwide
is to provide children with the best possible support in their development and to help discerning parents to cater for their baby's everyday needs.
This motto is also an apt description of working life at MAM. MAM's some 650 employees engage in a continuous global exchange – from Austria to Thailand, from Sweden to South Africa – and continuously provide each other with international information from renowned design, scientific, medical and technical experts.

How do we work at MAM?

Throughout the entire worldwide MAM organisation, we see ourselves as a family company in the truest sense. Children and a career are naturally compatible at MAM and are not a critical issue, but actively encouraged. After all, as we say at MAM with a twinkle in our eye, the best ideas come about when people who have children collaborate with those who don't.

  • We aim for equal opportunities and encourage personal and professional development and active dialogue between operational teams and management, all in a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We are a young, multicultural, gender-balanced team at all levels, from our interns right up to the management.
  • Openness and respect for other ways of thinking are always at the core of our collaboration.
  • Our cooperation is based on values such as honesty, trust and reliability.
  • Women make up more than 70% of our production and administrative staff and more than 30% of our management staff (worldwide).
  • Employees with children: 62% of employees at MAM have children, and this figure rises to 83% for MAM's management team.

Examples of special employee benefits
As is the case for our product development, it's not enough for us to merely comply with existing laws and regulations when it comes to our staff. We therefore take special measures at our sites to address our employees' needs as well as we possibly can.

Marketing and design centre in Vienna, research and development in Siegendorf:

  • measures to improve the compatibility of work and family life
  • support for employees in times of personal hardship
  • meal vouchers.

Production site in Vaskeresztes, Hungary:

  • company bus for all employees to and from the workplace
  • foundation to provide financial support to employees in times of hardship
  • regular, free mammographies, eye examinations, vaccinations.

Production site in Hat Yai, Thailand:

  • company crèche
  • employees and their families receive additional insurance, extra holidays and contributions towards their children's education costs.

More information on our social measures can be found here.

'Work&family' official certification

As has unofficially been the case since the company was founded, the Federal Ministry of Economy, Work and Family has now also officially recognised MAM as a 'family-friendly company'. Our company received the 'Work&family 2014' certificate.
The certification covers all measures taken by a company to make it easier to combine work and family. This does not end with parental leave and returning to work, but also includes elderly care and health care.
An internal survey confirmed that, as an employer, MAM is extremely interested in its employees and in finding individual solutions to all problems.
Following this success, our next aim is to further professionalise our management of parental leave.

What our employees say

"I like working at MAM, I can work on innovative products and share positive experiences. MAM allows me to devote myself to my career without having to miss out on my family."
Eline Lee, MAM Brazil, 1 child

"I've had the pleasure of working at MAM as a product developer for almost 20 years which has enabled me to be part of an informal, global team, actively and passively shaping the future for many millions of babies and their families. I've also been able to contribute to the development of the company itself, and therefore every single member of the global MAM family."
Thomas Rohaczek, MAM Austria, 2 children

"As creative people, it's great fun for our designers and I to conjure up bright colours and designs for baby products. MAM is heaven for people who want to help to create a happier, more playful world for children."
Birgit Beaca-Krenn, MAM Austria, 1 child

"It's great to work in such an informal environment. I'm very happy because, as a MAM employee, I know precisely why our products are so good. I'm familiar with the manufacturing process so I know that quality assurance is very important."
Éva Kerestúri, MAM Hungary, 2 children

MAM Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct regulates interactions between employees and our business and customer relationships and therefore forms the basis for ethical and legally correct conduct at work. The Code is based on our corporate philosophy, regulations, laws and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.