MAM Bottle Feeding

Find the Best MAM baby bottles for your baby’s feeding needs

Fed is best - there are many health benefits associated with breastfeeding. However, for a variety of reasons many parents introduce combined or bottle feeding with their babies. The comforting physical closeness and familiarity of a breastfeeding relationship can be preserved with the right baby bottle.

Choosing the right baby bottle

When parents make the decision to switch to bottle feeding, finding the best baby bottle becomes a top priority. With several factors and concerns in mind, such as the best bottle for newborns, bottles for breastfed babies, and choosing the right bottle for each age, the selection process can feel overwhelming. At MAM we considered the unique needs of a baby and developed our MAM baby bottles as the perfect companion your baby during the early stages of life.

MAM Bottles

MAM Bottle ranges

We understand the importance of a perfect fit for your baby, which is why we have created a variety of baby bottle ranges designed to meet their unique needs. Our extensive range includes bottles specifically tailored to different age groups, ensuring that your baby is supported at every stage of their development.

MAM Easy Start™Anti-Colic Bottle

The MAM Easy Start™ Anti-Colic Bottle is the ideal baby bottle for newborns: babies can drink at their own pace in a relaxed manner. Our unique anti-colic system reduces air bubbles and colic1Learn More! 

Easy Active™ Baby Bottle

The MAM Easy Active™ Baby Bottle is the ideal baby bottle for active babie s. Designed with an ergonomic shape, the MAM Easy Active™ Baby Bottle is perfectly suited for tiny hands, allowing your active baby to hold it with ease. Learn More!

Feel Good Glass Baby Bottle

The MAM Feel Good Glass Bottle is the perfect choice for parents seeking a reliable and safe glass bottle. Our glass bottle is made of temperature-resistant, high-quality glass for convenient, everyday use. Learn more!

MAM Teats Sizes and flow rates

When it comes to bottle feeding, the choice of bottle teat and size is crucial for your baby's comfort and feeding experience. Our MAM bottle teats come in 6 different sizes and flow rates to accommodate your baby's needs.

It's important to note that each baby is unique, and some may prefer a slower or faster flow than others. Paying attention to your baby's cues and adjusting the flow rate accordingly can help ensure a comfortable and satisfying feeding experience.


Teat 1 - for Baby Bottles

Easily accepted by babies

Teat 2 - for Baby Bottles

Easily accepted by babies

Teat 0 – for Baby Bottles

Easily accepted by babies

Teat 3 - for Baby Bottles

Easily accepted by babies

Teat X - for Baby Bottles

Easily accepted by babies