Supplier Management

The same standards, from Europe to Asia

Our MAM Code of Conduct lays out our expectations for working together and the principles that form the basis of every business relationship for us. We have been working with external experts for years to ensure the same standards prevail in all MAM plants and throughout our supply chain. In what are known as social audits, inspections relating to human rights and occupational health and safety, and conditions at the plant are put through their paces in accordance with an international catalog of criteria. The topic of environmental protection is equally important to us so we also select our partners according to ecological criteria. For example, about 85% of our suppliers are located within 400 km of our plants, where products are assembled and packaged to reduce emissions from transportation.

The Fair Rubber initiative is very good for my family and me. We have more money than usual and can live a bit easier.

Sa-ngiam Binkodem

Rubber Farmer