Business Ethics

Soft values - a hard currency at MAM

MAM is a value-driven company. With this in mind, we want to ensure that our business activities are based on ethical principles. Though we might wish that everyone would instinctively “do the right thing,” it can be much different in practice. In order to prevent conflicts of interest and possible misconduct, we have developed the MAM Code of Conduct. This builds upon the guidelines of the UN Global Compact, which was concluded between companies and the United Nations with the aim of making globalization more social and ecological. We also included MAM’s own values when drafting the document. The code, which is available in German and English, is an important instrument for defining the framework for our business activities. It also gives new and current trading partners, suppliers and other stakeholders a clear insight into our expectations of cooperation. How we communicate and verify these expectations along our supply chain is explained in more detail in the article Supplier Management.