Employee Satisfaction

A family business that takes every member along

MAM sells its products worldwide. Just the same, the values that make up our family business have remained a central part of our identity. The only difference from the early years: Our family has grown. And just like the health of our employees, their satisfaction is very important to us. Issues such as equality and the reconciliation of work and family life are of great importance to us. MAM supports mothers and fathers in balancing family and professional life. Flexible working time models, flex-time, working from home and part-time arrangements make it easier for them to pick up their children from school or to care for a runny nose. For us, it goes without saying that fathers also take parental leave. We wholeheartedly support this. With us, mothers and fathers don’t have to worry about parental leave and professional success being mutually exclusive: a return to management positions is also ensured and supported.

As a manager, it is also possible for me to balance work and family life.

Marina Schmid-Lobinger

Global Head of Sales & Commercial Excellence