We want to be a role model for the whole world of babies with our ethical core values.

At MAM, we have a clear idea of how we want to work. To this end, we have formulated principles that apply to our employees and business partners.

MAM has firmly anchored its basic ethical principles in its corporate culture. Through membership in the UN Global Compact, we have committed ourselves to adhering to its ten principles, which, in addition to respecting human rights, also include fair labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Our MAM Code of Conduct provides an internal and external framework of our principles and ensures a common understanding of ethical business practices. These rules of conduct are communicated not only to our employees but to all existing and new suppliers as well. We follow our principles wholeheartedly.

Business Ethics

Our progress

  • Compliance: Further development of the MAM anti-corruption program.
  • Audits: Social audits were also carried out by the Sedex initiative in our three MAM plants in the 2021/2022 reporting period. The next audits are already planned for 2023 and 2024.

Supplier Management

Our progress:

  • Compliance: By the end of 2022, we had screened 80% of our suppliers for social criteria and are constantly working to increase this percentage.
  • Local Suppliers: approx. 80% of our suppliers are located within a 400 km radius of our plants.

MAM Sustainability Report


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