Corporate Statement

MAM Baby during the Covid-19 crisis

Press Release, March 26th 2020

As the situation is currently changing rapidly from day to day, MAM Baby would like to give an update on the status of its production and how the company is dealing with the challenges of the current Covid-19 crisis. MAM Baby has already taken many actions and precautions to keep customers safe and continue to operate as normal.

The good news is that production of MAM products is running at full speed at our factory in Europe. We are therefore delighted to say that we do not foresee any interruption in the supply of MAM products in the immediate future.

The MAM factory is well prepared for any developments in the current situation and has in recent weeks implemented strict safety precautions for all eventualities.For example, there are regular health checks as well as daily temperature scans for everyone entering the factory, as well as strict disinfection rules for both staff and all machines on which our products are manufactured. Shifts have also been strictly separated to ensure that different groups of people never meet in person when arriving at or leaving the factory. This ensures that production will continue unaffected, even in the event of an unforeseen incident involving one or other of the teams.

Together with our usual stock buffer, these measures should ensure continuity of supply of MAM products. MAM Baby will be manufacturing at full capacity until further notice.

Our logistics networks within Europe are unaffected and continue to run smoothly. MAM Baby works primarily with local transport partners to ensure preferred treatment at the borders.

From a regulatory perspective, the relevant governments have all guaranteed that the channels through which MAM products are sold, such as groceries and pharmacies, will remain open for food and medicine supplies as well as baby products – these naturally have a high priority. MAM products will also continue to be available via our online shop and various other online outlets.

From an organisational perspective, MAM Baby is doing everything possible to overcome the current crisis worldwide. The whole office team is now working remotely and tirelessly to solve any new challenges and to ensure business continuity.

For us here at MAM this creates new challenges - but I am absolutely certain that we can manage this situation together and that we are in better shape to deal with it than others may be. I am convinced that we will emerge from this crisis stronger, and we can look to the future with optimism. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to you and all your loved ones.

Peter Röhrig

Founder & CEO of MAM