Microwave Steam Steriliser

For all MAM bottles, teats and other baby products
All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS For babies from 0 months
Especially suitable for the sterilisation of all MAM bottles, teats and other baby products.


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Product Description
  • 1x Microwave Steam Steriliser
  • 2x Easy Start™ Anti-Colic 160ml
  • 1x MAM Start 0-2 months

Especially suitable for the sterilisation of all MAM bottles, teats and other baby products. For microwave and cold water sterilisation:

  • Sterilises up to 6 bottles in 4 minutes. Products stay sterile for up to 24 hours if stored in the closed steriliser.
  • Large capacity on 2 levels.
  • With draining function.
  • Fits the majority of microwaves.
  • Suitable for cold water sterilisation.
  • Teat tongs for hygienic assembly of products included.

Dual baskets provide room for up to 6 bottles and components.

2. LID
The handy latches make closing the lid safe and easy. The innovative lid design can also be used as a drainer for sterilised items.

Nipple tongs for hygienic assembly of products.

Base has water level mark for easy filling and proper measurement.

Easy Start™ Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

  • Reduces air bubbles and colic2
  • Flat, soft teat – like mom’s breast when breastfeeding 
  • Ideal for combining with breastfeeding 
  • Wide openings for easy filling and cleaning
  • With unique self-sterilizing function – ideal for on the go

Spill-proof; doubles as measuring cup

Unique flat symmetric shape – like mom’s breast when breastfeeding. Silky soft silicone surface - for a familiar feeling. 94% of babies accept our bottle teat1

Easy filling; fast & easy cleaning

Smooth drinking flow prevents baby from swallowing air; reduces air bubbles and colic2

This product meets the requirements of European Standard EN 14350:2020.
Bottle teat fits all MAM wide neck bottles and the Trainer.

1Market research 2010-2020, tested with 1,572 babies.
2Field study, Austria 2011, tested with 73 mothers of babies with colic /  Market research, USA 2010, tested with 35 mothers of babies with colic.

MAM Start

  • Extra small size - ideal for newborns
  • Orthodontic
  • Available as MAM SkinSoft™ Silicone pacifier or natural rubber pacifier
  • Soothes and comforts baby
  • Supplied in a practical sterilizing and carry box for convenient and time-saving sterilizing in the microwave

Extra small and light. Curved shape for maximum comfort. Skin-friendly thanks to large air holes and the unique MAM dimples on the inside.

Quick and easy to grasp. For easy attachment of a clip.

Flat, symmetrical shape always fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. Designed with dentists to support healthy dental development.

Easily accepted by babies. For a familiar feeling.

Quality & Safety
All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS

All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS

For babies from 0 months

For babies from 0 months


The closed appliance with water is placed in the microwave. Microwaves allow the water to vaporise. The hot steam sterilises the products and components in the appliance.

In the MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser the products can be flexibly arranged on 2 levels and the steriliser holds up to e.g.:

  • 6 MAM Anti Colic 160ml / 5,5 oz bottles or
  • 4 MAM Anti Colic 260ml / 9 oz bottles or
  • 5 MAM Baby Bottles 330ml / 11 oz or
  • 6 MAM Baby Bottles 270ml / 9,5 oz
incl. additional products like soothers.

The microwave steam steriliser is aligned to commercially available microwave appliances. It fits the majority of available microwaves. Should the appliance not fit into the microwave, please check that the lid has „clicked“ into place correctly.

  • Diameter: 11 inch
  • Height: 6,5 Inch
  • Suitable for every wattage

The appliance is suitable for microwaves from 650 to 1850 Watts. Time required to properly complete the cycle will depend on the power of the microwave used. Please follow the times shown in the table:

Wattage Time* Cooling time
650W-1000W 11 min 3 min
1050W-1800W 5 min 3 min


5 min

3 min

* max. power