MAM Products



MAM stands for baby products of premium quality. Discover our baby bottles, pacifiers and much more.

2in1 Double Breast Pump
For flexible expression of breastmilk – anytime, anywhere

Manual Breast Pump
For smooth, quick and comfortable milk expressing

2in1 Single Breast Pump
Electric & manual use for maximum flexibility

Welcome to the World Gift Set - Flow
Gift set for newborns

Easy Start™ Anti-Colic 160ml Flow - Baby Bottle
The ideal bottle for newborns

Milk Powder Box
Especially easy filling of bottles

MAM Night 6+ Astro - Soother
Glows in the dark!

MAM Air 6+ - Soother
Especially skin-friendly

Learn to Drink Cup Wild Animals 190ml - Drinking Cup
Easy switch from bottle to cup

MAM Air 16+ Forest - Soother
Especially skin-friendly

MAM Start Organic Garden- Soother
Extra small for newborns

MAM Individual 6+ - Soother
For the individualists among babies aged 6 months and above

Clip it! & Cover Deep Ocean- Soother Clip
For every situation in your baby's life

MAM Night 16+ Astro - Soother
Glows in the dark!

Starter Cup Night Flow 150ml
Baby’s first cup - with glowing handle for easy night-time drinking

MAM Air Night 6+ Nostalgic Circus - Soother
Especially skin-friendly and glows in the dark

MAM Perfect 16+ Better Together - Soother
Particularly tooth-friendly

Feel Good 90ml Forest - Glass Baby Bottle
Premium Glass Bottle - with matt finish