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Baby Bottles



MAM Baby bottles make it easy to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Learn more about this here.

Easy Start™ Anti-Colic – Starter Set
Small set for newborns

Welcome to the World Gift Set
Gift set for newborns

MAM Easy Active 270ml Baby Bottle 2+ months, single pack
The ideal MAM bottle for active babies

MAM Feel Good 170ml Glass Baby Bottle 0+ months, single pack
Premium Glass Bottle - with matt finish

MAM Feel Good 90ml Glass Baby Bottle 0+ months, single pack
Premium Glass Bottle - with matt finish



Mam Baby Bottles and accessories

MAM's 40 years of research and innovation in developing the safest and most comfortable baby bottles for bottle feeding.

Perfect from newborn, our baby bottles help parents build a bond with their baby when bottle-feeding. Safety is our number one priority for your family, and our bottles are easy to assemble, leak-proof, shatterproof, are BPA and BPS free and are manufactured in the EU.

Comfort for your baby is vital, and our baby feeding bottles feature the MAM SkinSoft teat, which has a 94% acceptance rate*.

Whether you're looking for an anti-colic baby bottle, a self-sterilising baby bottle, or an environmentally-friendly glass bottle for bottle feeding - the range comes in sizes from 130ml (4.5fl/oz) right up to 330ml (11/fl/oz) with suitable slow to fast flow teats and accessories are available.

Our baby bottle sets contain teats, baby bottles, soother, spout and handles are excellent value.

Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

What is Colic? Colic causes are common when a baby swallows too much air during the feeding process. If your baby seems unsettled after their feeds, our anti-colic baby feeding bottles reduces baby colic by up to 80%**. The MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles feature a vented base to reduce the air intake during feeds.

Self-Sterilising Baby Bottles

Perfect for travelling babies and parents, the MAM Self-Sterilising baby bottles can be sterilised in just three minutes using a microwave. Pour 20ml water in the base of the container, arrange the components on the top (don't screw!) and in minutes your baby's bottles are safe to use.

Best Rated Baby Bottles

Our self-sterilising anti-colic baby feeding bottles are multi-award winning, including the Loved By Parents (LPB) Platinum Award 2020, Mother & Baby Awards 2020 and Made for Mums Silver Award in 2019.

Made for Mums judge, Melanie said "Self-sterilisation is a good feature, and it's worth the money. Best-looking bottle on the market and great for sterilising on the go."

Product Safety Award Winner for Baby Bottles

MAM received a Special Mention for exceeding product safety standards in our soothers, bottles and cups at the EU Product Safety Awards 2019.