Responsibility that applies to my entire universe

Value Creation

We all brush our teeth before going to bed: Parents are important role models for their children. This is not only limited to oral health, but parents also show their children to live their lives responsibly. In this way, a child gradually develops a sense of how he or she can fit into our world and an awareness of the bigger picture.

Dr. Rebecca Slayton


For our MAM expert, who is also co-publisher of the textbook “Early Childhood Oral Health,” oral hygiene is a good example of how small children can get used to general rules and take responsibility for themselves. Children don’t think of brushing their teeth or going to the dentist on their own. It is the parents who teach them the importance of these rituals from the very first tooth. Clear principles provide our youngest children with security, and help them learn not only to be responsible for themselves but also with others in the course of their development.